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Why Line for a Walk?...

Line for a walk started as a personal project to create art for myself and has evolved to where it is today.  After many years working to brief in the textile industry, I embraced the idea of painting freely and discovered a renewed passion to create art everyday. I used this freedom to experiment, to evolve my style and capture the essence of living by the sea in my artwork.

I am fascinated by the fluid nature of watercolour and use its unpredictable nature to encapsulate my illustrations of my coastal environment and the characters within it, giving them depth and bringing them to life. Pushing boundaries in this medium, I test myself and the ink by making it very liquid and using it's spontaneity to produce my range of unique works..

One of my favourite memories from school is of that time at the end of the day when the teacher would tell us we could 'Take a Line for a Walk'  This involved taking a lead pencil and, without taking it off the page we would draw a swirling, flowing, overlapping shape which we would then fill with pattern and colour.  I LOVED IT!.

My work still starts by taking a line for a walk.

It would be great to hear your story and if you would like to hear more of mine, please get in touch.

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