A4 print giveaway

In celebration of my birthday month, I am launching my first ever print giveaway.

To win an A4 print for you and a friend.

1. Like this post and follow me on Instagram @lineforawalk

2. Tag a friend who you think would also like a print

3. Winner will be drawn at 12pm on Friday 2nd March (AEST)

4 You and your friend (tagged) can each choose an A4 print - pictured below

small print - Prize includes delivery but If sending internationally, the prints will be sent Delivery Duty Unpaid.  You may incur import duties or customs taxes, depending on your location.
Winner will be announced on Instagram.
Prints will be dispatched Friday 9th March with Australia post.
Winner will ne randomley drawn.

Ta Da


Some final photos of my mural down at Bondi. 'Dive in' will be there for 6 months or so. thanks Danielle Smith for the photos.


Bondi Beach Graffitti Wall - Final chapter

Painting the wall at Bondi was so much fun....and touch wood, my swimming girls are still up there. Here are a few close up shots of the finished wall and my little helpers on the last day.  I am hoping to get some better shots of the whole wall this week so will post again if I get them. I loved chatting to all the people who stopped to talk, everyone was so positive and there were some pretty crazy photo requests. Thanks to all my lovely friends who came and took action shots and also to my biggest little one, who helped me in the final stretch and my Friend Peter, who came in his paint shirt helped me finish before the storm hit.

photo credit: E Moynan

photo credit: E Moynan

Bondi Beach Graffiti wall - the story begins

For those who follow me on FB and instagram, you already know the start of this story.

I live in Beautiful Bondi and we have an amazing wall down by the beach which is a constantly changing gallery of artwork.  I was lucky enough to be chosen back in November to add an artwork to the wall.  Unfortunately this artwork was destroyed the night I painted it (long negative story, not to be dwelled upon) On a positive note, I have been allocated a new spot on the wall and will start again this week.  Scrolling through my phone tonight I found these shots. It was a gorgeous day to be out in the sun painting, check out the view! I have attached a few photos of the work in progress, watch this space next week to see the final artwork.


To say I was excited to be stocked in this shop would be an understatement.  Peregian beach on the Sunshine Coast is the home to MidModOz which is a fabulous mid century furniture store. Below photo is 'sunrise' one of my large geometric abstracts, framed in gorgeous Tasmanian oak - I thinks she looks pretty special in the window.  Also stocked are some large swimmer prints, a selection of A3 prints and cards. Check it out here https://www.instagram.com/midmodoz/?hl=en

Sunrise print  

Sunrise print  

Hello Paddington markets

Looking for a Christmas gift. I will be at Paddington markets this Saturday with plenty of A3 and special (market day only) A4 prints, along with cards and large framed art. All with a beachy, mid century vibe.  


look ok out for the girl with the green striped umbrella.  



New work

Working towards a new deadline.  Its almost market time again so I have been wokring on some new prints, inspired again by beautiful Bondi.  This one is called 'Deep Pool' and is inspired by my local pool at Icebergs, although it might remind you of your special ocean Pool too.

Art on the streets market


Thanks to everyone who came to, saw and bought last weekend at the art market in Bondi. This was my first foray into selling my prints and I had an amazing day. It was exciting to get such a positive response from everyone and finding out what prints were popular. Next on the to do list is to get ecommerce up and running here - watch this space.


My favourite part of the day (apart from sales) was the fabulous art by all my little visitors. They 'took a line for a walk' with enthusiasm and a fair whack of talent and I love the result.  

Donuts for everyone

New promo for #flakytartbakery. Donuts for everyone. Loving working on this typography project. More to come.  PS have a look at my Instagram feed for more examples of work in progress


Poster Art for The Global Art Gathering

This artwork was created as my submission to the MATS bootcamp live brief.  It will be judged, along with many other amazing designs. The prize is for it to be used as the advertising poster for the first ever MATS live event to be held in Brighton in June this year. Wish me luck.


The importance of a sketchbook

The Importance of a sketchbook - to start ideas, to remember those gems of inspiration and to create new ones. they are essential and everyone should have one! (or 4)

I havn't used a sketchbook much since art college. I found this old sketchbook and it made me laugh.  What a weird collection of objects I painted.  It is obviously what was in my cupboard - soup, sesame oil, tomato sauce and Anadin!! I wonder where the vodka was?

Follow me on instagram, where I will post some more gems,

Anyway, back to the present. I have just taken part in Lilla Rogers assignment bootcamp and it inspired me to start using sketch books again. I now have 4 . Overkill? probably, but they are all essential.

No 1. Pantone 50 shades of grey. This stays in my bag at all times as I always seem to get my best ideas while driving, walking the dog or having a haircut, somewhere that I can't act on them straight away.  As I have a memory like a sieve, I write them all down in this little gem. I love the graph paper inside too.

No 2. Daler Rowney A5 cartridge pad. usually in my bag, but not always. lovely quality paper for little drawings and sketches.

No 3 Watercolour pad. This actually belongs to my 9 year old daughter but I have taken it over, sometimes cartridge paper is just not enough, this has a lovely texture.

No 4, Esselte A3 visual diary. I have used this for most of Lillas briefs. Initial sketching to final drawings are all in here. Also good for storing all those loose sheets that I end up drawing on. being A3 it was a pain to scan for digital work but A4 just too small for me!

Here are a few images from inside them all.  I cant take credit for the fruit, that was Liv, the 9year old.  She saw me using the sketchpad and got inspired.