Ecojot Sketchbook Cover contest

I have always admired the products and ethos of stationary company Ecojot, so was very excited when they launched their fabulous Sketchbook Cover Contest last month.  Excitement turned to disappointment when I realised I couldn't officially enter from outside North America. So keen was I to create a design for this inspirational company that I got in touch with them and the lovely Daniella invited me to submit anyway for possible inclusion on the designer jots blog

Congratulations to the winners of the competition, Linda Solovic, Jennifer Orkin Lewis and Jana Curll.  Amazing designs, all of them, I feel so privileged to be included in the post. Thank you Carolyn Gavin and the Ecojot team.  See the winning designs here

This is the design I submitted and the idea behind it,

Each tree ring acts as a record of the climate in which it was formed, changing its size, composition and shape. My design serves as a reminder of their beauty and the importance of looking after this natural archive.  My take on tree rings includes the addition of hand drawn tribal patterns and a splash of colour!