The importance of a sketchbook

The Importance of a sketchbook - to start ideas, to remember those gems of inspiration and to create new ones. they are essential and everyone should have one! (or 4)

I havn't used a sketchbook much since art college. I found this old sketchbook and it made me laugh.  What a weird collection of objects I painted.  It is obviously what was in my cupboard - soup, sesame oil, tomato sauce and Anadin!! I wonder where the vodka was?

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Anyway, back to the present. I have just taken part in Lilla Rogers assignment bootcamp and it inspired me to start using sketch books again. I now have 4 . Overkill? probably, but they are all essential.

No 1. Pantone 50 shades of grey. This stays in my bag at all times as I always seem to get my best ideas while driving, walking the dog or having a haircut, somewhere that I can't act on them straight away.  As I have a memory like a sieve, I write them all down in this little gem. I love the graph paper inside too.

No 2. Daler Rowney A5 cartridge pad. usually in my bag, but not always. lovely quality paper for little drawings and sketches.

No 3 Watercolour pad. This actually belongs to my 9 year old daughter but I have taken it over, sometimes cartridge paper is just not enough, this has a lovely texture.

No 4, Esselte A3 visual diary. I have used this for most of Lillas briefs. Initial sketching to final drawings are all in here. Also good for storing all those loose sheets that I end up drawing on. being A3 it was a pain to scan for digital work but A4 just too small for me!

Here are a few images from inside them all.  I cant take credit for the fruit, that was Liv, the 9year old.  She saw me using the sketchpad and got inspired.